Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cabal Online Hack 2013

This is free and not for sale!!!

Cabal Trainer Guide

How to use
-Open your cabal client
then next is Cabal PH Trainer

-Windows 8 64bit
-Windows 7 64bit
-Windows XP 64bit

- Cheat Engine 6.2
- must show "cabalmain.exe" in your process.

Frequently Ask Question
-If you encounter error like the image below.
just Uncheck "Show on Print" then Click Close

- there is no DLL in this trainer because Windows 8, doesn't support DLL Injector.

- so why it is +12? because it has 12 features...

- what is the use of "UNLOCK BATTLE SKILL"?
if you don't have Aura, Bm1 and Bm2 just activate it then change channel
or if you'r not ingame, activate it and you will see the result
it will unlock Aura, Bm1 and Bm2

- what is the use of "BATTLE SKILL"? No Cooldown for Aura, Bm1 and Bm2

- why Wallhack has a Progressbar or loading bar?
because it takes long process and got log for other user that have low proccessor.

- why "NOT RESPONDING" when activating Unlock Sword AOE?
I used AOBScan/Array of Bytes Scanning to search the pattern in whole process.

Development Preview
-Generated in Cheat Engine 6.2

Special Thanks:
- rantenor for ep9 CE table (Support Win 7 Only)
- Wayntressierts for Wall hack method
- botetebalila help resolve Battle Mode Pointers
- PSCBots for C++ Code of DLL
- ianotida for All Logs directory path and Registry Start-up Path
- mi5pogi (Mikez) for Sword AOE Pattern
- Dark Byte for useful and impressive tools (Cheat Engine)
Cabal Version
Fuji Trainer
- rantenor CE Table based on Cabal NA
- Added Some Features
Fuji Trainer
- Added D3D MENU
- Changed Some HOTKEYS
- Changed Some Pointers
Fuji Trainer
- Added Change Level (Visual Only)
- Added Change Class Rank (Visual Only)
- Fix D3D Menu due to invalid in-game detection address
- Tested in Win XP
Fuji Trainer
- Added adjustable AOE and RANGE
- Fixed In-game Detection Address
- Remove Pop-up Message on Numpad
Fuji Trainer
- Fixed some hotkeys
- Fixed D3D Menu to Reduce Log
- Added Restriction in Warzone/Mwar
- Improved Cabal Logs Deleter
Fuji Trainer
- Adjustable (Movement Speed and Other Stuff)
- Changed CLD GUI
- Expand AOE range
- Fixed BM3 Detection address
Fuji Trainer
- Changed "Numpad Keys" to "Left Ctrl + Numpad Keys" -requested
- Added No CD: Battle Skills BM2 and Combo Start
- Separated and make own hotkey for No CD BM3 and set to Hotkey CTRL+Numpad 5
- Changed Hotkey of No CD Magic Slot 1 and 2 to CTRL+Numpad 6
- Removed AOE from Hotkey F12
Cabal Version

Fuji Trainer
- New Trainer Update for cabal
- Change Access Premium Channel to Level Booster
- Now Premium Channel can't access
- AOE Not working
Fuji Trainer
- Fixed Injector Supported 64bit
- Fixed Auto Close Client cause of no skill
- Fixed Virus Detection to zero
- Added Hacker Detection of my addys
- Added Clickable D3D Menu but not all
- Added Auto Fix DLL Missing
- Added 12 Premium Service
- Added 8 Weapon Costume
- Added 40 Head Costume
- Added 75 Body Costume
- AOE still not working
Fuji Trainer
- Fixed Some Bugs
- Added No Cd Sword Skill Slot 3 to 25
- Added No Cd Magic Skill Slot 3 to 8
Fuji Trainer
- Fixed Magic AOE
- Fixed Wallhack to reduce over log
- Added Background on D3D Menu
Cabal Version

Fuji Trainer
- Open to All Map (WAR MODE, FARM MODE)
- Fixed Injector
Fuji Trainer
- Fixed some bugs
- Remove Channel Detection
Fuji Trainer
- Added Restore Wallhack by deactivating it.
- Two different version release.
Fuji Trainer
- Fixed some bugs.
- Fixed Gameguard Detection.
- Inherited version
- Packed in 1 file.
Fuji Trainer
- Remove Visual Stats
- Auto disable Kill Gate if DC
- Added Sword AOE (32 SKill)
- Not Supported Transcender Skill AOE
Fuji Trainer
- Added Quick Exit by Pressing ALT+F4
- Added OS Compatibility
- Fixed Sword AOE
- Unlock 44 Skills for Sword AOE
- Not Supported Transcender Skill AOE
- Few skills support 100 range of AOE
- Change .NET Framework to version 2
Fuji Trainer
- Auto Close Prevention
Fuji Trainer
- Fixed Win XP AOE
- Added Optional Sword AOE
- Added Hotkey for Adjusting AOE and Range
- Expand NSD Value to 3sec.
Cabal PH Trainer +12
- For Windows 64bit only
- Generated in Cheat Engine
- Pure Lua Script
Cabal Version
Fuji Trainer
- New Trainer Update for cabal
- Fixed Some address
- Fixed On/Off Sword AOE
- Change method of freezing value
- Added Cabal Logs Deleter for DLL User.
- Added Unlock Aura, BM1, BM2 (Change Channel after activated)


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tem hack para cabal BR?

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if ever how to change "cabalmain.exe" to something other name caus on my game its not cabal main>
like cabalmaster.exe or sort off.

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como baixa ??

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